Section: New Results

Application of AD to uncertainties and errors in CFD

Participants : Valérie Pascual, Laurent Hascoët, Alain Dervieux.

An important application of AD is the creation of uncertainty management tools, as first and second derivatives are used for the assembly of perturbation-based models for Uncertainty Quantification.

During the FP7 project UMRIDA, finished in september 2016, Inria has assisted Alenia-Aermacchi and WUT (Warsaw) in applying Tapenade to a CFD software for perturbation-based models.

We contributed the following chapters to the UMRIDA monography  [24]:

  • II.5.0 Introduction to Intrusive Perturbation Methods

  • II.5.1 Algorithmic Differentiation for second derivatives

  • III.a.4 Introduction to Intrusive Perturbation Methods and their range of applicability

  • IV.3 Use of Automatic Differentiation tools at the example of Tapenade