Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

EnginesOn start-up project

Participant : Jennifer Del Giudice.

EnginesOn is a start-up project based on life science digital data analysis (http://engineson.fr/). The origin of the project comes from a simple field observation: NGS technology is involved in numerous scientific studies. Deciphering the heterogeneous and voluminous data generated is a real challenge. People with the skills to analyze this type of data are scarce. EnginesOn focuses its first effort on health market with cancer diagnosis and personalized medecine. The start-up provides to physicians a virtual research laboratory with analysis workflows, compute infrastructure and data management that will lead to a simple, fast, reproducible diagnosis in a transparent fashion. EnginesOn also addresses the issue of big data management and storage. The project is entitled to the Fasttrack program since october 2016. Inria funds a 6-month technology transfer engineer in order to study the valorization and promote the GATB toolbox.

Rapsodyn project

Participants : Dominique Lavenier, Claire Lemaitre, Sebastien Letort, Pierre Peterlongo.

RAPSODYN is a long term project funded by the IA French program (Investissement d’Avenir) and several field seed companies, such as Biogemma, Limagrain and Euralis (http://www.rapsodyn.fr/). The objective is the optimization of the rapeseed oil content and yield under low nitrogen input. GenScale is involved in the bioinformatics work package, in collaboration with Biogemma’s bioinformatics team, to elaborate advanced tools dedicated to polymorphism.