Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Michel Leclère, Michel Chein, Alain Gutierrez, Clément Sipieter, Brett Choquet.

Contact: Michel Leclère

SudoQual is a software suite that allows discovering and evaluating coreference links between individual entities references. It has been developed during the ANR project Qualinca. This software suite comprises:

  • a generic API allowing to implement (thanks to a graphical interface) applications computing “same-as” and “different-from” links in knowledge bases;

  • a generic application (whose specific parameters are defined in a configuration file) evaluating the quality of a knowledge base; it is available either as a standalone client or as a web service;

  • a library dedicated to the comparison of individual entities' attributes;

  • the specific configuration file dedicated to evaluating the quality of links in ABES' Sudoc catalogue.

Main developments this year are:

  • adapting the API's architecture to the NetBeans IDE in order to benefit from its better edition functionalities;

  • finalizing, testing and optimizing the linkage application;

  • specifying and implementing the quality evaluation application;

  • implementing this latter application as a web service.