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Section: Dissemination


  • Web users are continuously tracked as they browse the Web. One of the techniques for tracking is device fingerprinting that distinguishes users based on their Web browser and operating system properties. Together with Inria Celtique team, we have proposed solutions to detect and prevent device fingerprinting via runtime monitoring of JavaScript programs. We have published an article in a general public ERCIM News magazine (http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/en106/special/using-javascript-monitoring-to-prevent-device-fingerprinting) about prevention of device fingerprinting via program monitoring [10].

  • We have implemented the WebStats website (http://webstats.inria.fr/). This website collects, on a monthly basis, a number of JavaScript and security statistics about top 10 000 webpages: the usage of popular JavaScript libraries; the usage of different language constructs in these libraries; use of Content Security Policies and secure cookies, etc. The WebStats website can be used by programmers (to understand which JavaScript libraries are more popular), researchers in programming languages (when designing a subset of JavaScript, to safely exclude the language constructs that are rarely used according to WebStats), and researchers in privacy (to analyse which tracking libraries are the most prevalent).