Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Many members of the project-team Lacodam are also faculty members and are actively involved in computer science teaching programs in ISTIC, INSA and Agrocampus-Ouest. Besides these usual teachings Lacodam is involved in the following programs:

  • Master 2 Module DSS: Apprentissage sur des données séquentielles symboliques, 10 h, M2, Istic University of Rennes 1 (R. Quiniou)

  • Master 2 Géoinformation, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (L. Bonneau, T. Guyet)

  • Master 2 Artificial Intelligence, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (Louis Bonneau, C. Largouët)

  • Master 1 Scientific Programming, Data Management, Python Programming, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (C. Largouët)


  • PhD in progress: Maël Guillemé, “New data mining approaches for improving energy consumption in factory"”, october 3rd 2016, Alexandre Termier, Véronique, Masson and Laurence Rozé

  • PhD in progress: Clément Gautrais, “Mining massive data from client purchases”, october 1st 2015, Alexandre Termier, Peggy Cellier, Thomas Guyet and René Quiniou

  • PhD in progress: Yann Dauxais, "“Query-language for care-pathway mining and analysis”, february 1st 2015, David Gross-Amblard, Thomas Guyet, André Happe

  • PhD in progress: Alban Siffer, “DataMining approaches for cyber attack detection”, mars 2016, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Alexandre Termier, Christine Largouët


  • Committee member of Rémy Dautriche Phd defense (Université de Grenoble Alpes): A. Termier

  • Reviewer of Olivier Cavadenti Phd (INSA Lyon): A. Termier

  • Committee member of Samir Loudni HDR (Université de Caen): A. Termier

  • Thesis advisory committee member of Jean Coquet (Univ. Rennes 1): A. Termier

  • Thesis advisory committee member of Benoit Bellot (INRA/IGEPP): T. Guyet

  • Thesis advisory committee member of Zhi Cheng (UNC/PPME): T. Guyet