Section: Research Program


The three research axes of the Lacodam project-team are the following. First, we briefly introduce these axes, as well as their interplay:

  • The first research axis is dedicated to the design of novel pattern mining methods. Pattern mining is one of the most important approaches to discover novel knowledge in data, and one of our strongest areas of expertise. Work in this axis will be the most fundamental of all three axes, and is expected to serve as foundations for work on the other two axes.

  • The second axis tackles another aspect of knowledge discovery in data: the interaction between the user and the system, in order to co-discover novel knowledge. Our team has a long experience to collaborate with domain experts, and is thus especially aware of the need to improve such interaction.

  • The third axis concerns decision support. With the help of methods from the two previous axes, our goal here is to design systems that can either help humans to take better decisions in precise applicative contexts, or to allow machines to automatically take relevant decisions in situations where extremely fast reaction time is required.

The following figure sums up the detailed work presented in the next few pages: on the sides are the three research axes of the team (X-axis) and our main applications areas (Y-axis). In the middle are colored squares that represent the precise research topics of the team that will be described in this section, placed relatively to their axis and main application area. Lines represent projects that can link several topics, and that are also connected to their main application area.

Figure 1. Lacodam research topics organized by axis and application