Section: Dissemination


  • Due to the visibility of our experimental platforms, the team is often requested to present its research activities to students, researchers or industry. Our panel of demonstrations allows us to highlight recent results concerning the positioning of an ultrasound probe by visual servoing, grasping and dual arm manipulation by Romeo, vision-based shared control using our haptic device for object manipulation, the control of a fleet of quadrotors, vision-based detection and tracking for space navigation in a rendezvous context, the semi-autonomous navigation of a wheelchair, and augmented reality applications. Some of these demonstrations are available as videos on VispTeam YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/VispTeam/videos). This year there were among others, demonstrations organized for the HCERES expert committee that evaluated IRISA, about twenty people affiliated to the CNRS electronics network, students of the “Innovation et entreprenariat” Master, those of the L3 R&I at ENS Rennes, about twenty students from the “Ecole des Mines de Nancy”, several classes of high school students around Rennes, without forgetting the members of the Ph.D. thesis juries.

  • Fabien Spindler and Giovanni Claudio were interviewed by TV Rennes about Pepper robot (https://www.facebook.com/166100743494694/videos/vb.166100743494694/959489554155805/?type=2&theater).

  • Marie Babel participated to “15e Journée nationale des pôles de compétitivité” in March 2016 (Paris): HandiViz project was selected by the French Ministry of Finance

  • Marie Babel participated to the Science Festival in October 2016 with an interview at “Village des Sciences” and a workshop for general public organized in Acigné near Rennes.

  • Marie Babel participated to the “Convention Nationale des SATT” (October 2016, Paris).

  • Marie Babel gave a talk on "HandiViz: a new driving experience" in October 2016, during the “Semaine des Technologies - Robotique et santé” organized at Insa Rennes.

  • Vincent Drevelle participated to the “Journée science et musique” in Rennes, with an interactive demonstration of sound-based tracking of a micro aerial vehicle with a beam projector (in cooperation with the Panama team).

  • An article related to the research activity of Alexandre Krupa on robotic needle steering entitled “Un robot qui apprend à viser” has been published in March 2016 in the general-audience magazine “Sciences Ouest”: http://www.espace-sciences.org/sciences-ouest/340/dossier/un-robot-qui-apprend-a-viser.

  • Paolo Robuffo Giordano has given press releases on the activities involving formation control for multiple quadrotor UAVs to Émergences Inria, Sciences Ouest, and “Industrie & Technologies”.