Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Performance measure - Named-Data Networking

Functional Description

We designed NDNperf, an open source tool for NDN server-side performance evaluation and sizing purposes, in order to have an idea of the throughput a server can achieve when it has to generate and transmit NDN Data packets. It is very similar to iPerf and also needs a client and a server to perform the measurements while minimizing the number of instructions between Interest reception and Data emission. It has the following features: - Periodic report of performances: end-to-end throughput, latency, processing time, - Fresh NDN Data generation or NDN Data delivery from caches, - Multi-threaded (one main thread for event lookup and N threads for NDN Data generation), - Able to use all available signatures implemented in the NDN library, choose the size of the key, and the transmission size of Data packets.