Section: New Software and Platforms

New Software

Julia library LSODA.jl

LSODA.jl is a Julia package that interfaces to the liblsoda library, developed by Simon Frost (University of Cambridge), thereby providing a way to use the LSODA algorithm from Linda Petzold and Alan Hindmarsh from Julia.

Julia library PDMP.jl

PDMP.jl This is a joint work of Romain Veltz and Simon Frost.

PDMP.jl is a Julia package that allows simulation of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes (PDMP); this encompasses hybrid systems, comprising of continuous and discrete components, as well as processes with time-varying rates. It is based on an implementation of the True Jump Method for performing stochastic simulations of PDMP, and requires solving stiff ODEs in an efficient manner. Sundials.jl is used, but other solvers could be easily added.