Section: New Software and Platforms

PNL numerical library

To facilitate contributions, a standardized numerical library (PNL) has been developed by J. Lelong under the LGPL since 2009, which offers a wide variety of high level numerical methods for dealing with linear algebra, numerical integration, optimization, random number generators, Fourier and Laplace transforms, and much more. Everyone who wishes to contribute is encouraged to base its code on PNL and providing such a unified numerical library has considerably eased the development of new algorithms which have become over the releases more and more sophisticated.

This year, Jérome Lelong has performed the following tasks on the development of PNL:

Releases 1.7.3 and 1.7.4. of the PNL library (http://pnl.gforge.inria.fr/).

  1. Simplify the use of PNL under Visual Studio. It can either be compiled using CMake or added as an external library to an existing project.

  2. Improve the construction of large PnlBasis objects and make it possible to deal with non tensor functions.

  3. Add complex error functions.