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Section: New Results


MiMove's research activities in 2016 have focused on a set of areas directly related to the team's research topics. Hence, we have worked on QoS for Emergent Mobile Systems (§ 7.2) in relation to our research topic regarding Emergent Mobile Distributed Systems (§ 3.2). Furthermore, our effort on Ambiciti (§ 7.3) is linked to our research on Mobile Social Crowd-sensing (§ 3.4). Still in the context of Mobile Social Crowd-sensing (§ 3.4), we have developed AppCivist-PB (§ 7.4) related to our interest in social applications aiming to actively involve citizens (see § 4.1); this is further linked to our research on composition of Emergent Mobile Distributed Systems (§ 3.2). Finally, we have worked on the Fiesta-IoT ontology (§ 7.5) and on the Sarathi platform (§ 7.6), related to our research on both Large-scale Mobile Sensing & Actuation (§ 3.3) and Mobile Social Crowd-sensing (§ 3.4).