Section: Research Program

Design and control of haptic devices

Our scientific approach in the design and control of haptic devices is focused on the interaction forces between the user and the device. We search of controlling them, as precisely as possible. This leads to different designs compared to other systems which control the deformation instead. The research is carried out in three steps:

  • identification: we measure the forces which occur during the exploration of a real object, for example a surface for tactile purposes. We then analyse the record to deduce the key components – on user's point of view – of the interaction forces.

  • design: we propose new designs of haptic devices, based on our knowledge of the key components of the interaction forces. For example, coupling tactile and kinesthetic feedback is a promising design to achieve a good simulation of actual surfaces. Our goal is to find designs which lead to compact systems, and which can stand close to a computer in a desktop environment.

  • control: we have to supply the device with the good electrical signals to accurately output the good forces.