Section: New Results

Talaria: Continuous Drag & Drop on a Wall Display

Hanaë Rateau, Yosra Rekik, Laurent Grisoni, Joaquim Jorge

We present an interaction technique combining tactile actions and Midair pointing to access out-of-reach content on large displays without the need to walk across the display. Users can start through a Touch gesture on the display surface and finish Midair by pointing to push content away or inversely to retrieve a content. The technique takes advantage of wellknown semantics of pointing in human-to-human interaction. These, coupled with the semantics of proximal relations and deictic proxemics make the proposed technique very powerful as it leverages on well-understood human-human interaction modalities. Experimental results show this technique to outperform direct tactile interaction on dragging tasks. From our experience we derive four guidelines for interaction with large-scale displays.

Figure 2. Talaria