Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

StimTac, 2015-2017

Participants : Frédéric Giraud [correspondant] , Patricia Plénacoste, Laurent Grisoni, Michel Amberg, Nicolas Bremmard.

The aim of this project is to create the first digital book, enhanced with haptic feedback, in order to anticipate the integration of this technology into everyday products. This project adresses technological issues, like programming haptic content in a multimedia software, and design issues to understand how the haptic feedback is perceived by the users.

Stimtac is a book, and could thus be presented to non-specialists users and to a wide public during presentations, demos and foru. The scenario and the illustrations were made by Dominique Maes, a belgium artist, who did the digital book "bleu de toi" among other things. The Public Library of Lille is a partner of this project and allows us to meet the public.

Figure 4. Demo session at "La nuit des Bibliothèques (Lille, October 2016), and a page of Stimtac; the ellipse highlights the tactile feedback on E-Vita.
IMG/StimTac2.png IMG/StimTac3.png
(a) (b)

This project has been granted 8Keuros from IRCICA.