Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria International Labs

  • Title: Data Analysis on Large Heterogeneous Infrastructures for Science

  • International Partner (Institution - Laboratory - Researcher):

    • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (United States) - Data Science and Technology department - Deb Agarwal

  • Start year: 2016

  • See also: https://project.inria.fr/dalhis/

  • Data produced by scientific instruments (large facilities like telescopes or field data), large-scale experiments, and high-fidelity simulations are increasing in magnitude and complexity. Existing data analysis methods, tools and infrastructure are often difficult to use and unable to provide the complete data management, collaboration, and curation environment needed to manage these complex, dynamic, and large-scale data analysis environments. The goal of the Inria-LBL DALHIS associate team involving the Myriads (PI) and Avalon Inria project-teams and the Data Science and Technology (DST) department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL) is to create a collaborative distributed software ecosystem to manage data lifecycle and enable data analytics on distributed data sets and resources. Specifically, our goal is to build a dynamic software stack that is user-friendly, scalable, energy-efficient and fault tolerant. Our research will determine appropriate execution environments that allow users to seamlessly execute their end-to-end dynamic data analysis workflows in various resource environments and scales while meeting energy-efficiency, performance and fault tolerance goals. We will engage in deep partnerships with scientific teams (Fluxnet in environmental science and SNFactory and LSST experiences in cosmology) and use a mix of user research with system software R&D to address specific challenges that these communities face. Our experience will in turn inform future research directions.

Inria International Partners

Informal International Partners
  • Partner: Rutgers University, dept. of Computer Science (New Jersey, United States)

  • We collaborate with Manish Parashar's research group on energy efficiency in edge Clouds and in particular on the design of energy cost models for such environments.

  • Partner: Northeastern University, dept. of Computer Science (Massachusetts, United States)

  • We collaborate with Gene Cooperman 's research group on virtualization technologies for the study of large-scale distributed systems.

  • Partner: University of Guadalajara (Mexico)

  • We collaborate with the team of Prof. H√©ctor Duran-Limon on application and resource management in the cloud. In 2016, we produced a joint journal publication [14]. Nikos Parlavantzas is co-advising a PhD student enrolled in the University of Guadalajara (Carlos Ruiz Diaz).

  • Partner: Tlemcen University (Algeria)

  • We collaborate with Djawida Dib on energy-efficient fault-tolerant resource and application management in containerized clouds. Christine Morin will co-advise a PhD student enrolled in the University of Tlemcen (Yasmina Bouizem) from December 2016.