Section: Dissemination


  • Martin Quinson is a scientific expert in a teaching manual of Computer Science for primary schools, authored within the "La main à la pâte" popularization network. This manual was released this summer.

  • Martin Quinson co-founded a working group of the Société Informatique de France toward the creation of new unplugged activities to teach the informatics to pupils. This group met twice in Lyon this year, in April and November.

  • Martin Quinson participated and co-organized to several workshops and open events where high-school students were invited to discover Computer Science (March at ENS Rennes, November on the Beaulieu campus). He was a scientific expert to the MathC2+ event at ENS-Rennes in June.

  • Martin Quinson participated to the full day meeting “Splash Education” targeting at determining the fundamental programming concepts that should be taught to every pupils, co-located with the SPLASH conference http://2016.splashcon.org/track/splash-2016-splash-e. He organized the 3-days event on instrumented teaching of computer science, co-located with the Orphee-RDV event https://apprentissageinstrumentdelinformatique.wordpress.com/.

  • Martin Quinson continued the development of the PLM web platform, which is an exerciser to teach programming to beginners. He also submitted several project applications to pursue this work in the future. Unfortunately, none of these applications have been accepted so far. Prof Peter Hubwieser (Technical University of Munchen, chair of didactics of Computer Science) visited us for two weeks in November. Developing the PLM and exploiting the data already gathered were central elements of this work meeting. A joint publication is currently prepared, targeting the ItiCSE'17 conference.