Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Map Reduce - Parallel processing - Hadoop - Cloud - PaaS

Functional Description

Resilin is an open-source system for creating and managing MapReduce execution platforms over clouds. Resilin is compatible with the Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) API, but it goes beyond Amazon's proprietary EMR solution in allowing users (e.g. companies, scientists) to leverage resources from one or more public and/or private clouds. This enables performing MapReduce computations over a large number of geographically-distributed and diverse resources. Resilin can be deployed across most of the open-source and commercial IaaS cloud management systems (e.g., OpenStack, OpenNebula, Amazon EC2). Once deployed, Resilin takes care of provisioning Hadoop clusters and submitting MapReduce jobs, allowing users to focus on writing their MapReduce applications rather than managing cloud resources. Resilin is implemented in the Python language and uses the Apache Libcloud library to interact with IaaS clouds. Resilin has been evaluated on multiple clusters of the Grid'5000 experimentation testbed. The results show that Resilin enables the use of geographically distributed resources with a limited impact on MapReduce job execution time.

  • Participants: Ancuta Iodache, Christine Morin, Pierre Riteau, Nikos Parlavantzas and Matthieu Simonin

  • Contact: Christine Morin

  • URL: http://resilin.inria.fr