Section: Application Domains


Participants : Sébastien Da Silva, Florence Le Ber, Jean-François Mari.


simulation in agronomy, graph model in agronomy

Research in agronomy was conducted in the framework of an Inria-INRA collaboration, taking place in the INRA research network PAYOTE about landscape modeling. In this framework, Sébastien da Silva prepared and defended a PhD thesis [74] in September 2014, supervised by Claire Lavigne (DR in ecology, INRA Avignon) and Florence Le Ber. The research work was related to the characterization and the simulation of hedgerow structures in agricultural landscapes, based on Hilbert-Peano curves and Markov models [48].

Moreover, an on-going research work about the representation of peasant knowledge is involved within a collaboration with IRD in Madagascar [81]. Sketches drawn by peasants were transformed into graphs and compared thanks to Formal Concept Analysis.