Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives


Participant : Jean-François Mari.

Hydreos is a state organization –actually a so-called “Pôle de compétitivité”– aimed at evaluating the delivering and the quality of water (http://www.hydreos.fr/fr). Actually, data about water resources rely on many agronomic variables, including land use successions. The data to be analyzed are obtained by surveys or by satellite images and describe the land use at the level of the agricultural parcel. Then there is a search for detecting changes in land use and for correlating these changes to groundwater quality. Accordingly, one main challenge in our participation in Hydreos is to process and analyze space-time data for reaching a better understanding of the changes in the organization of a territory. The systems ARPEnTAge and CarottAge (see § 6.2.1) are used in this context, especially by agronomists of INRA (ASTER Mirecourt http://www6.nancy.inra.fr/sad-aster).