Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

  • Thales Research & Technology 2014-2017 (30 kEuros), related to Nacim Belkhir's CIFRE PhD

    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer

    Participants: Johann Dréo, Pierre Savéant, Nacim Belkhir

  • Orange 2013-2016 (30 kEuros), related to Robin Allesiardo's CIFRE PhD

    Coordinator: Michèle Sebag

    Participants: Raphael Feraud, Robin Allesiardo

  • Réseau Transport d'Electricité 2015-2018 (30 kEuros), related to Benjamin Donnot's CIFRE PhD

    Coordinator: Olivier Teytaud (until May 2016), now Isabelle Guyon and Marc Schoenauer

    Participants: Benjamin Donnot, Antoine Marot