Section: New Software and Platforms


The Coquelicot library for real analysis in Coq

Keywords: Coq - Real analysis

Functional Description

Coquelicot is library aimed for supporting real analysis in the Coq proof assistant. It is designed with three principles in mind. The first is the user-friendliness, achieved by implementing methods of automation, but also by avoiding dependent types in order to ease the stating and readability of theorems. This latter part was achieved by defining total function for basic operators, such as limits or integrals. The second principle is the comprehensiveness of the library. By experimenting on several applications, we ensured that the available theorems are enough to cover most cases. We also wanted to be able to extend our library towards more generic settings, such as complex analysis or Euclidean spaces. The third principle is for the Coquelicot library to be a conservative extension of the Coq standard library, so that it can be easily combined with existing developments based on the standard library.