Section: New Software and Platforms


Stochastic Downscaling Method and Wind Power Simulation

Functional Description

The computation of the wind at small scale and the estimation of its uncertainties is of particular importance for applications such as wind energy resource estimation. To this aim, we have developed a computer code belonging to the family of codes of atmospheric flow calculation, in the atmospheric boundary layer. SDM-windpos especially concerns the simulation of wind at small space scales (meaning that the horizontal resolution is one kilometer or less), based on the combination of an existing Numerical Weather Prediction model providing a coarse prediction, and a Lagrangian Stochastic Model for turbulent flows.

The ability of SDM-WindPoS to regamma the wind computation in the horizontal scale but also in the vertical scale is of particular interest for wind farm power production assessment. WindPoS couples direct actuator disk approach and SDM Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) model for wind farm simulation.

This year we start to introduce more accurate ABL convection models in SDM. Moreover, we start to add the possibility to introduce more accurate topography when SDM is running with some coarse scale atmospheric input data. Our dedicated GUI was also improved (better rendering for the 2D and 3D views).