Section: New Software and Platforms

Tree Reasoning Solver

Scientific Description

The tree reasoning solver is a software tool which implements research advances in tree logics, and in the analysis of query and programming languages for the web. The core algorithm is a satisfiability solver of an expressive tree logic. The underlying logic is very expressive: it is a μ-calculus variant for finite trees, which is MSO-complete, and equipped with additional features (converse modalities, nominals, logical combinators...)

The decision procedure has an optimal worst-case complexity, and its implementation performs quite well in practice. This allows efficient reasoning with tree structures. In particular, it opens the way for solving a wide variety of problems that require reasoning with very large sets of trees.

Initially developed for the analysis of XML/XPath queries, this tool has been extended by the team to support more general query analysis, reasoning with schema constraints, with functions, and with domain specific languages such as cascading style sheets.