Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Participation in Other International Programs

Nancy Emerging Associate Team Astonishing

The objectives of the ASsociate Team On Non-ISH euclIdeaN Geometry is to study various structures and algorithms in non-Euclidean spaces, from a computational geometry viewpoint. Proposing algorithms operating in such spaces requires a prior deep study of the mathematical properties of the objects considered, which raises new fundamental and difficult questions that we want to tackle.

A key characteristic of the project is its interdisciplinarity: it gathers approaches, knowledge, and tools in mathematics and computer science. A mathematical study of the considered objects will be performed, together with the design of algorithms when applicable. Algorithms will be analyzed both in theory and in practice after prototype implementations. In the long term, implementations should be improved whenever it makes sense to target longer-term integrations into CGAL, in order to disseminate our results to end-users.

The partners are the Johann Bernouilli Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of University of Groningen, the Mathematics Research Unit of University of Luxembourg, and the Talgo team of École Normale Supérieure. The project is coordinated by Monique Teillaud and supported by Inria Nancy - Grand Est.

Project website: https://members.loria.fr/Monique.Teillaud/collab/Astonishing/.