Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

Julia Pulwicki from the University of Calgary, Canada, spent 10 days at our lab in May to study the opportunity to define a post-doctoral project for her and to set up the basis of a joint scientific project. This project has lead us to submit to the Inria post-doctoral programme a project on that was accepted. Julia arrived for a 12 month post-doctoral project in November.

In this study, we want to formalize the analogy between the development of shapes in biology and the feedback between mass and space curvature in general relativity. Our aim is to propose a quantitative approach of such a vision by developing a mathematical and computational framework combining formalisms from non-euclidean geometry developed in general relativity and models of signal propagation and gene regulation in plant tissues.

Research Stays Abroad

In the context of the project on mango modelling and the PhD of S. Persello, F. Boudon is currently positioned in the Reunion island in the Hortsys unit for one year. He develops there a project on Mango modelling in collaboration with F. Normand.