Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Segmentation - Tracking - High resolution

Functional Description

A new algorithmic pipeline, ASTEC (Adaptative Segmentation and Tracking of Embryonic Cells), has been developed to segment and track cell shapes in 3D from movies with high spatio-temporal resolution of embryos where the membranes have been labeled (using dye or genetic markers for example). To segment the 3D embryo image at a given time-point, ASTEC takes advantage of the high spatial resolution of the movie in order to propagate the segmentation of the previous time points. This, coupled to biological knwoledge on the studied system, allows to constrain the segmentation and to track cells throughout time simulataneously. Moreover, the propagation allows to bound the potential mistakes of segmentation (e.g. a cells cannot disappear) which enables powerful post-correction based on the study of the resulting tracking.