Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Contract CNES-Inria-XLIM

This contract (reference Inria: 11282) accompanies the PhD of David Martinez and focuses on the development of efficient techniques for the design of matching network tailored for frequency varying loads. Applications of the latter to the design output multiplexers occurring in space applications will be considered.

Contract BESA GmbH-Inria

This is a research agreement between Inria (Apics and Athena teams) and the German company BESA (http://www.besa.de/), which deals with head conductivity estimation and co-advising of the doctoral work of C. Papageorgakis, see Section 5.1.3. BESA is funding half of the corresponding research grant, the other half is supported by Region PACA (BDO), see Section 1.

Contract Inria-SKAVENJI

This is a scientific consulting activity for the start-up company SKAVENJI. The latter develops an innovative and communicative device to facilitate the production and home consumption of small amounts of energy, produced by one or more local sources of renewable energy. Ongoing work consists in designing a simple controller improving the energy efficiency of the energy production while minimizing the number of charge and discharge cycles of the associated battery. The retained control strategy is based on consumption and production profiles.