Section: New Software and Platforms


Web-based Gossip Communication

Keywords: WebRTC - Recommendation systems - Decentralized architectures - Personalized systems - Web - Peer-to-peer - Gossip protocols - Epidemic protocols - Decentralized web

Scientific Description: The library currently includes the implementation of two peer sampling protocols, Cyclon and the generic peer-sampling protocol from, as well as a clustering protocol. All protocols implement a common GossipProtocol “interface”

Functional Description: WebGC consists of a WebRTC-based library that supports gossip-based communication between web browsers and enables them to operate with Node-JS applications. WebGC comprises the implementation of standard gossip protocols such as Peer Sampling or Clustering, and simplifies the development of new protocols. It comprises a decentralized signaling service that makes it easier to build completely decentralized browser-based applications.

  • Participants: Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Davide Frey, Matthieu Simonin and Raziel Carvajal Gomez

  • Contact: Davide Frey