Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Nat traversal - Epidemic protocols - Gossip protocols - Overlay maintenance - Peer-to-peer - Dissemination

Functional Description: GossipLib is a library consisting of a set of Java classes aimed to facilitate the development of gossip-based application in a large-scale setting. It provides developers with a set of support classes that constitute a solid starting point for building any gossip-based application. GossipLib is designed to facilitate code reuse and testing of distributed application and as thus also provides the implementation of a number of standard gossip protocols that may be used out of the box or extended to build more complex protocols and applications. These include for example the peer-sampling protocols for overlay management.

GossipLib also provides facility for the configuration and deployment of applications as final-product but also as research prototype in environments like PlanetLab, clusters, network emulators, and even as event-based simulation. The code developed with GossipLib can be run both as a real application and in simulation simply by changing one line in a configuration file.

Release Functional Description: Library for gossip-based applications and experiments