Section: New Software and Platforms


My Corporis Fabrica

Keywords: Patientspecific - Anatomy - Ontologies - Health - Simulation - 3D modeling - Medical imaging

Functional Description: Knowledge-based 3D anatomical modeling using MyCF The MyCF software eases the creation of 3D anatomical models for visualization and mechanical simulation. As input, the user provides a list of anatomical entities or functions to simulate, using keywords or navigating in reference 3D model. As output, she gets a 3D model ready to visualize, or to simulate.

  • Participants: Ali Hamadi Dicko, Federico Ulliana, François Faure and Olivier Palombi

  • Partner: Université Joseph-Fourier

  • Contact: Olivier Palombi

  • URL: http://www.mycorporisfabrica.org