Section: New Software and Platforms


Keyword: Compilers

Functional Description: Camloo is a caml-light to bigloo compiler, which was developed a few years ago to target bigloo 1.6c. New major releases 0.4.x of camloo have been done to support bigloo 3.4 and bigloo 3.5. Camloo makes it possible for the user to develop seamlessly a multi-language project, where some files are written in caml-light, in C, and in bigloo. Unlike the previous versions of camloo, 0.4.x versions do not need a modified bigloo compiler to obtain good performance. Currently, the only supported backend for camloo is bigloo/C. We are currently rewriting the runtime of camloo in bigloo to get more portability and to be able to use HOP and camloo together.

  • Contact: Manuel Serrano