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Section: New Results

Multiparty Reversible Sessions

Reversibility has been an active trend of research for the last fifteen years. A reversible computation is a computation that has the ability to roll back to a past state. Allowing computations to reverse is a means to improve system flexibility and reliability. In the setting of concurrent process calculi, reversible computations have been first studied for CCS, then for the π-calculus, and only recently for session calculi. In [14] we present a multiparty session calculus with reversible computations. Our proposal improves on existing reversible session calculi in several respects: it allows for concurrent and sequential composition within processes and types, it gives a compact representation of the past of processes and types, which facilitates the definition of rollback, and it implements a fine-tuned strategy for backward computation. We propose a refined session type system for this calculus and show that it enforces the expected properties of session fidelity, forward and backward progress, as well as causal consistency. In conclusion, our calculus is a conservative extension of previous proposals, offering enhanced expressive power and refined analysis techniques.