Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


ANR project PI-Commodality “Co-modal freight transportation chains: an approach based on physical internet” in collaboration with CGS-ARMINES (Paris), LAAS (Toulouse), DHL (2016 - 2018). The PI-co-modality project aims to design new sustainable logistic services between preset origins and destinations. It is based on innovative approaches both in terms of: 1) Logistics and transportation services: by considering the PI-internet approach, specifically: mesh logistics and transportation networks based on available capacities, by designing consistent integrated co-modal chains; 2) Methodology: by addressing the underlying problems according to two approaches: centralized and decentralized, by proposing news realistic models relevant for practitioner taking into account the consistency, by developing state-of-the-art decision making algorithms.

National Initiatives (Belgium)

Combinatorial Optimization: Meta-heuristics and Exact Methods (2012-2017), coordinator: Bernard Fortz (GOM-ULB/INOCS-Inria). Inter-university Attraction Pole funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. Study and modeling of combinatorial optimization problems; Advancements in algorithmic techniques; Implementation of solution methods for large-scale, practically relevant problems.