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Section: Dissemination


  • J.-M. Allain, Jeudi de la Recherche de l'X: popularisation talk on research with medical application. June 2017

  • J.-M. Allain, 3 articles in popularisation journals (quotidien du médecin, le concours médical, biotech.info) by journalists

  • D. Chapelle, interview for “Usine Nouvelle”, Dec. 12th

  • A. Laurin, Inria Saclay inauguration demo and associated news article in “Le Parisien”, Jan. 2017

  • P. Moireau, Créteil district “Olympiades de Mathématiques” award ceremony, May 2017

  • R. Chabiniok, Review paper promoting Cardiovascular MRI particularly of congenital heart diseases for Czech and Slovak physicians [17]

  • A. Laurin, P. Moireau, D. Chapelle, demo at 50 ans de l'Inria, Nov. 7th and 8th