Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Cardiovascular and respiratory systems - Matlab - Real time

Functional Description: CardiacLab is a MATLAB toolbox allowing to perform “real-time” cardiac simulations using 0D models of the cardiovascular systems. Its modular development includes (1) a module integrating the mechanical dynamics of the cavity taking into account its particular geometry, (2) a module allowing to choose a micro-model of the cardiac contraction, (3) a module of phase management, (4) a circulation module based on Windkessel models or more advanced 1D flows models, and (5) a perfusion module. The objective of this code is threefold: (1) demonstrate to students, engineers, medical doctors, the interest of modeling in cardiac applications, (2) unify our original modeling developments with the possibility to evaluate them with previous team developments before integrating them into 3D complex formulations, and (3) explore some avenues pertaining to real-time simulat

  • Participants: Sebastien Impériale, Martin Genet, Federica Caforio, Ustim Khristenko, Peter Baumgartner, Radomir Chabiniok, François Kimmig and Arthur Le Gall

  • Contact: Philippe Moireau

  • URL: https://gitlab.inria.fr/M3DISIM/CardiacLab