Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

Local Workshops

Aurélien Bellet organized the workshop Decentralized Machine Learning, Optimization and Privacy. More than 50 attendees were present for a series of invited talks on Sep 11-12, 2017. The list of speakers was

  • Dan Alistarh (IST Austria / ETH Zurich)

  • Borja Balle (Amazon Research)

  • Keith Bonawitz (Google Research)

  • Hamed Haddadi (QMUL / Imperial College London)

  • Stephen Hardy (Data61 / CSIRO)

  • Mikael Johansson (KTH)

  • Peter Richtárik (KAUST / University of Edinburgh)

  • Meilof Veeningen (Philips Research)

Mikaela Keller co-organized the local workshop Demi-journée Dating bringing together researchers from the local teams Links, Magnet, Sequel and Sigma for an afternoon of presentations and scientific discussions.

Scientific Events Selection

Member of the Conference Program Committees

Aurélien Bellet served as PC member of NIPS'17, ICML'17, AISTATS'18 and MOD'17.

Marc Tommasi served as senior PC member of IJCAI'17 and PC member of CAP'17, EGC'17, CRI'17, AAAI'18.

Mikaela Keller served as PC member of NIPS'17 and CAP'17.

Jan Ramon served as PC member of AISTATS'17, AISTATS'18, IEEE-BigData'17, BNaic'17, CIKM'17, DS'17, ECML/PKDD'17, ICHI'17, IJCAI'17, ISMIS'17, KDD'17, MLG'17, MOD'17, NIPS'17 and TDLSG-ECMLPKDD'17.

Rémi Gilleron served as PC member of CAP'17, IJCAI'17, NIPS'17, AISTATS'18, ICLR'18.

Pascal Denis served as PC member of ACL-17, CAp'17, EACL'17, EMNLP'17, IJCAI'17, IWCS'17, CORBON'17, and NIPS'17.


Member of the Editorial Boards

Jan Ramon was member of the editorial board of Machine Learning Journal.

Jan Ramon was member of the editorial board of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities

Jan Ramon acted as reviewer for project proposals and project follow-up for H2020, COST and SNF (CH).

Aurélien Bellet was reviewer for Machine Learning Journal.

Invited Talks

Marc Tommasi was invited at the seminar of the machine learning group at the University of Liege.

Jan Ramon gave an invited talk at the TDLSG'17 workshop of ECML/PKDD'17.

Aurélien Bellet gave invited talks at the DALI 2017 Workshop on Fairness and Privacy in Machine Learning, (http://dalimeeting.org/dali2017/fairness-and-privacy.html) the 2nd Russian-French Workshop in Big Data and Applications, (https://bi.hse.ru/en/rfw/2017/) and the Journée Apprentissage et Interactions du GdR IA. (http://www.gdria.fr/jai17/)

Aurélien Bellet gave an invited lecture at the Pre-doc Summer School on Learning Systems (MPI/ETH). (http://learning-systems.org/events/summer-school-on-learning-systems-2017)

Aurélien Bellet was invited at the seminars of the Distributed Computing Lab at EPFL, Multispeech (Inria Nancy), Sequel (Inria Lille), SIGMA (Centrale Lille), Proba/Stat (University of Lille), CRIStAL Lille (DaTinG department day).

Scientific Expertise

Marc Tommasi was member of the ANR CES 23 committee and served in the HCERES committee for the scientific evaluation of a French laboratory.

Research Administration

Pascal Denis was member of the Commission Emploi et Recherche (CER) and Commission de Développement Technologique (CDT) at the Inria Lille Research Center.