Section: New Results

Focus on cancer

Modelling Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) and its control by anticancer drugs by PDEs and Delay Differential equations

The collaboration with the DISCO team at Inria-Saclay has been continued in conference papers [26], [27]. In one of these papers, the concept of dormancy in cancer as a state of coexistence between tumour and healthy stem cell populations is studied using a new model.

Adaptive dynamics setting to model and circumvent evolution towards drug resistance in cancer by optimal control

This topic, main subject in Camille Pouchol's ongoing PhD thesis, has already been mentioned about Axis 1. It has led to the publication [24].

The general question of drug resistance in cancer, from biological observations to mathematical modelling and optimal control, has been reviewed in [14], [15] and presented in various international conferences and workshops.

Senescence modelling by telomere shortening

This work, following Sarah Eugène's PhD thesis, has been continued in collaboration with Zhou Xu at IBPC [13].