Section: Research Program

Quantum information

The field of quantum information and computation aims at exploiting the laws of quantum physics to manipulate information in radically novel ways. There are two main applications:


quantum computing, that offers the promise of solving some problems that seem to be intractable for classical computers such as for instance factorization or solving the discrete logarithm problem;


quantum cryptography, which provides new ways to exchange data in a provably secure fashion. For instance it allows key distribution by using an authenticated channel and quantum communication over an unreliable channel with unconditional security, in the sense that its security can be proven rigorously by using only the laws of quantum physics, even with all-powerful adversaries.

Our team deals with quantum coding theoretic issues related to building a large quantum computer and with quantum cryptography. The first part builds upon our expertise in classical coding theory whereas the second axis focuses on obtaining security proofs for quantum protocols or on devising quantum cryptographic protocols (and more generally quantum protocols related to cryptography). A close relationship with partners working in the whole area of quantum information processing in the Parisian region has also been developed through our participation to the Fédération de Recherche “PCQC” (Paris Centre for Quantum Computing).