Section: Dissemination


Under the leitmotif "testing and learning about digital mobility solutions in Rennes", Rennes Metropole will open the doors of its city from March 14 – 18, 2018 for a new type of inclusive and collaborative event experience, dedicated to transforming mobility services: inOut! Composed of two distinct but complementary parts, inOut will combine debates among professionals from established and incumbent companies, start-ups, academics, students and live experiences on the city territory including the citizens of Rennes and its surroundings. More than just a recurrent annual event, inOut is set to continue throughout the year as a unique incubator on a human scale, where new mobilities are invented [IN]door and are tested [OUT]doors with users in real time. It's a one-of-a-kind co-creation platform providing industrial partners, start-ups, incumbent and new mobility players the opportunity to invent new mobility services, to experiment and test new use cases and business models, in close proximity to and with the citizens. Through a series of controversial debates, the event invites professionals, academics and local authorities from all over the world to separate hype from reality and discuss enablers and potential blocking points of these new mobilities.

We have been strongly involved in the creation of InOut and Jean-Marie Bonnin is responsible of the "Expert Committee" of the event.

This autumn the work done to design the InOut concept provided the basis to build the answer of Rennes Metropole to the AMI "Territoire Innovant de Grande Ambition".