Section: New Software and Platforms


Variational data assimilation for NEMO

Keywords: Oceanography - Data assimilation - Adjoint method - Optimal control

Functional Description: NEMOVAR is a state-of-the-art multi-incremental variational data assimilation system with both 3D and 4D var capabilities, and which is designed to work with NEMO on the native ORCA grids. The background error covariance matrix is modelled using balance operators for the multivariate component and a diffusion operator for the univariate component. It can also be formulated as a linear combination of covariance models to take into account multiple correlation length scales associated with ocean variability on different scales. NEMOVAR has recently been enhanced with the addition of ensemble data assimilation and multi-grid assimilation capabilities. It is used operationnaly in both ECMWF and the Met Office (UK)

  • Partners: CERFACS - ECMWF - Met Office

  • Contact: Patrick Vidard