Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria Associate Teams Not Involved in an Inria International Labs

  • Title: UNcertainty QUantification is ESenTIal for OceaNic & Atmospheric flows proBLEms.

  • International Partner:

    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States) - Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory - Youssef Marzouk

  • Start year: 2018

  • See also: https://team.inria.fr/unquestionable/

  • The ability to understand and predict the behavior of geophysical flows is of greatest importance, due to its strong societal impact. Numerical models are essential to describe the evolution of the system (ocean + atmosphere), and involve a large number of parameters, whose knowledge is sometimes really poor. The reliability of the numerical predictions thus requires a step of parameter identification. The Inria-AIRSEA team has a strong expertise in variational approaches for inverse problems. An alternative is the use of particle filters, whose main advantage is their ability to tackle non-gaussian frameworks. However, particle filters suffer from the curse of dimensionality. The main objective of the collaboration we propose between the Inria-AIRSEA team and the MIT UQ group is the understanding of potential low-dimensional structure underlying geophysical applications, then the exploitation of such structures to extend particle filter to high-dimensional applications.

  • F. Lemarié is involved in the Inria associate team NEMOLOCO with Santiago University (Chile)

Inria International Partners

Informal International Partners
  • C. Prieur collaborates with Jose R. Leon (Universdad de la república de Uruguay, Montevideo).

  • C. Prieur collaborates with K. Bertin (CIMFAV, Valparaíso).

  • F. Lemarié and L. Debreu collaborate with Hans Burchard and Knut Klingbeil from the Leibniz-Institut für Ostseeforschung in Warnemünde (Germany).