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Section: New Results

Communication-closed asynchronous protocols

Participants : Andrei Damien, Cezara Drăgoi [correspondant] , Alexandru Militaru, Josef Widder.

Fault-tolerant distributed systems are implemented over asynchronous networks, so that they use algorithms for asynchronous models with faults. Due to asynchronous communication and the occurrence of faults (e.g., process crashes or the network dropping messages) the implementations are hard to understand and analyze. In contrast, synchronous computation models simplify design and reasoning. In this paper, we bridge the gap between these two worlds. For a class of asynchronous protocols, we introduce a procedure that, given an asynchronous protocol, soundly computes its round-based synchronous counterpart. This class is defined by properties of the sequential code. We computed the synchronous counterpart of known consensus and leader election protocols, such as, Paxos, and Chandra and Toueg’s consensus. Using Verifast we checked the sequential properties required by the rewriting. We verified the round-based synchronous counter-part of Multi-Paxos, and other algorithms, using existing deductive verification methods for synchronous protocols.