Section: New Software and Platforms

High Performance Diffusion MRI

Keywords: Health - Neuroimaging - Medical imaging

Functional Description: This library has been developed and transferred to the Cie Olea Medical currently in charge of its validation and inclusion in its Olea Sphere platform. We have been closely involved in pushing the frontiers of the diffusion MRI (dMRI) in the recent years, especially in the mathematical modelling and processing of the dMRI signal and have developed state-of-the-art software implementations in the form of a C++ library that can be effectively used to infer the complex microstructure of the cerebral white matter. The algorithms and software transfered to Olea Medical fall into four categories : (i) local tissue modelling, which includes both popular 2nd order models and advanced higher than 2nd order models such as DTI, higher order Cartesian tensors (HOTs), ODF, FOD, EAP, maxima extraction, regularization and segmentation, (ii) generation of scalar indices (or biomarkers), which include DTI biomarkers, Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (DKI) and invariants of 4th order tensors, (iii) global structure estimation, which includes deterministic and probabilistic tractography, and (iv) data visualisation for scalar indices, local models and global structures.

  • Participants: Aurobrata Ghosh, Rachid Deriche and Théodore Papadopoulo

  • Partner: Olea Medical

  • Contact: Rachid Deriche