Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria International Partners

Informal International Partners
  • Institute of Mathematics, Almaty, Kazakhstan:

    Collaboration with Drs A. Beketaeva and A. Naïmanova for the RANS simulations of a supersonic jet in crossflow configuration for a wide range of pressure ratio (1 journal paper submitted in 2018). The low-Mach preconditioning of an in-house ENO based compressible flow solver was also further investigated. [PB] (one 13-day stay in Almaty).

  • Collaboration with P. Correia (University of Evora, Portugal) related to the development of enhanced boundary conditions for the simulations of Mach zero flows with the artificial compressibility method and low Mach flows with a pressure-based approach. [PB] ( two 5-day stays in Evora).

  • Collaboration with S. Lardeau (Siemens Industry Software Computational Dynamics, Nuremberg, Germany) on the EB-RSM model and hybrid RANS/LES model for industrial applications. [RM]

Participation in International Programs

Participants : Pascal Bruel, Jonathan Jung, Rémi Manceau, Vincent Perrier.

  • ECOS-Sud A17A07 project with UNC (Cordoba, Argentina): this is the first year of this project devoted to the simulations of the wind around aerial fuel tank. Jonathan Jung and Pascal Bruel spent several weeks at UNC in the framework of this project.