Section: New Software and Platforms


Keyword: Finite element modelling

Functional Description: The AeroSol software is a high order finite element library written in C++. The code has been designed so as to allow for efficient computations, with continuous and discontinuous finite elements methods on hybrid and possibly curvilinear meshes. The work of the team CARDAMOM (previously Bacchus) is focused on continuous finite elements methods, while the team Cagire is focused on discontinuous Galerkin methods. However, everything is done for sharing the largest part of code we can. More precisely, classes concerning IO, finite elements, quadrature, geometry, time iteration, linear solver, models and interface with PaMPA are used by both of the teams. This modularity is achieved by mean of template abstraction for keeping good performances. The distribution of the unknowns is made with the software PaMPA , developed within the team TADAAM (and previously in Bacchus) and the team Castor.

News Of The Year: In 2018, the following points were addressed in AeroSol

* A 6 month CNRS contract, led by Vincent Perrier was obtained in the team Cagire, concentrated on the quality of the code. A two-year Inria Hub, led by Héloïse Beaugendre was obtained in the team Cardamom. On both of these contracts, Benjamin Lux was hired (January-June in Cagire team, and since October in Cardamom team). The library has kept on benefiting from the work of Florent Pruvost (Inria Hub HPCLib), on the continuous integration and packaging aspects.

* The CNRS contract, aiming at improving the code resulted in the successful porting from the inria gforge to the inria gitlab, with a functional pipeline of code assessment (based on Jenkins) and code quality assessment (based on sonarqube).

* Installation was simplified. A fully automatic installation script based on spack was developed.

* Development of a true documentation policy, based on a wiki. About half of the functional tests were documented and updated. Doxygen documentation was improved.

* An API was developed for the AeroSol library. The mesh reading, and parallel distribution was refactored.

* Update of the test case interface was updated by using this APIfor being more convenient. About half of the functional tests are now using this interface.

* Refactoring of the xml parameter file.

* Hyperbolized models, based on the hyperbolization of advection-diffusion models were added.

* Handling of nonconservative hyperbolic models.

* Improvement of mesh adaptation

* Beginning of implementation of droplet model for icing.

* Add the possibility of using several matrices, with a different number of variables

  • Participants: Benjamin Lux, Damien Genet, Dragan Amenga Mbengoue, Hamza Belkhayat Zougari, Mario Ricchiuto, Maxime Mogé, Simon Delmas and Vincent Perrier

  • Contact: Vincent Perrier