Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Compressible flows - Finite element modelling - Residual distribution - Aeronautics

Functional Description: RealfluiDS is a software dedicated to the simulation of inert or reactive flows. It is also able to simulate multiphase, multimaterial, MHD flows and turbulent flows (using the SA model). There exist 2D and 3D dimensional versions. The 2D version is used to test new ideas that are later implemented in the 3D one. This software implements the more recent residual distribution schemes. The code has been parallelized with and without overlap of the domains. The uncertainty quantification library RobUQ has been coupled to the software. A partitioning tool exists in the package, which uses Scotch . Recently, the code has been developed for taking into account real-gas effects, in order to use arbitrarily complex equations of state. Further developments concerning multiphase effects are under way.

  • Participants: Cécile Dobrzynski, Héloïse Beaugendre, Leo Nouveau, Pietro-Marco Congedo and Quentin Viville

  • Contact: Héloïse Beaugendre