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Section: New Results

Block-structured meshes

Participants : Hervé Guillard, Alexis Loyer, Jalal Lakhlili [IPP Garching] , Ahmed Ratnani [IPP Garching] .

Due to the highly anisotropic character of strongly magnetized plasmas, a crucial point for numerical simulations is the construction of meshes that are aligned on the magnetic flux surfaces computed by Grad-Shafranov equilibrium solvers. This work has studied an original method for the construction of flux aligned grids that respect the magnetic equilibrium topology and that can be applied to block-structured meshes using C1 finite element methods (Hermite-Bézier/Cubic spline). The method relies on the analysis of the singularities of the magnetic flux function and the construction of the Reeb graph that allows the segmentation of the physical domain into sub-domains that can be mapped to a reference square domain. Once this domain decomposition has been done, the mapping of the sub-domain to reference patches can be done using integration along the streamlines of the flux function [16]. This work was performed in the framework of the EoCoE European project (see section