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Section: New Results

Simulations of hydraulic jumps with a turbulent Shallow Water model

Participants : Hervé Guillard, Argiris Delis [Technical University of Crete, Greece] , Yih-Chin Tai [National Cheng  Kung   University, Taiwan] .

We have pursued the work realized in 2017, on a new model designed for the computation of turbulent hydraulic jumps. This model is able to describe the oscillatory nature of turbulent hydraulic jumps and as such corrects the deficiency of the classical shallow water equations. The comparisons with experiments performed at Tainan University are very satisfactory given the simplicity of the model. A journal paper [3] on this subject have been published and these results have been presented at the ETAMM2018 (Emerging Trends in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 2018) conference.