Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • ANR Project: PAMELA (2016-2020) - https://project.inria.fr/pamela/

    PAMELA is a collaborative ANR project involving Rennes 1 university (ASAP and CIDRE teams in Rennes), Inria Lille (MAGNET team), LIP6 (MLIA team) and two start-ups, Mediego and Snips. It aims at developing machine learning theories and algorithms in order to learn local and personalized models from data distributed over networked infrastructures. The project seeks to provide first answers to modern information systems built by interconnecting many personal devices holding private user data in the search of personalized suggestions and recommendations. More precisely, we will focus on learning in a collaborative way with the help of neighbors in a network. We aim to lay the first blocks of a scientific foundation for these new types of systems, in effect moving from graphs of data to graphs of data and learned models. CIDRE's contribution in this project involves the design of adversary models and privacy metrics suitable to the privacy-related issues of this distributed learning paradigm.