Section: Dissemination


Articles and contents

  • Emmanuelle Anceaume was interviewed by Jean-Michel Prima. This gave rise to an article: "Améliorer le Bitcoin ... à coup de fourches", Emergences Inria, 2018.

  • Jean François Lalande and Valérie Viet Triem Tong were interviewed by Jean-Michel Prima. This gave rise to an article: "Disséquer automatiquement les malware sous Android", Emergences Inria, 2018.

  • Emmanuelle Anceaume belonged to the working group “Blockchains challenges” organized by the french governmental group “France Strategie”. This gave rise to a report accessible here: https://www.strategie.gouv.fr/sites/strategie.gouv.fr/files/atoms/files/fs-rapport-blockchain-21-juin-2018.pdf.


  • Interviews, videos and podcasts :

    • Emmanuelle Anceaume was interviewed by Joanna Jongwane for a https://interstices.info/le-potentiel-revolutionnaire-de-la-technologie-blockchain/podcast in online Interstice journal, 2018. (Talk is in french).

    • Emmanuelle Anceaume was interviewed by the Parliamentary Office For Scientific and Technological Assessment (OPECST) in 2018. The OPECST acts as an intermediary between the political world and the world of research. The goal of this interview was to describe the Bitcoin cryptocurrency system and its associated blockchain, and to discuss on the different vulnerabilities Bitcoin is confronted with.

    • Emmanuelle Anceaume was interviewed by the mission d'information sur l'usage des blockchains, by the French National Assembly in 2018.

  • Demos : Practical results concerning malware analysis issued from the Kharon project were presented during:

    • Forum International de la Cybersécurité at Lille in 2018

    • Fête de la science at Inria in 2018

    These works also regularly presented during the visits of the Laboratoire Haute Sécurité in the Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique center.

Internal action

  • Emmanuelle Anceaume was invited to join the internal meetings at La Cordée Rennes on “Blockchain focus: Cinéma: Quel potential d'innovation”, November the 8th, 2018.